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The Changes; Cleaning Up Old Choices

Some of you may be shocked to see the changes. You know, the raised prices. I already know the repercussions...losing customers, loyalty, etc. So here's a quick FAQ on the whole thing:

1. Why the sudden change?

-I realized my prices were too low to keep up with the effort-to-demand ratio. Breaking this down further: I paid $20 for food to dump, offered the video at $10, spent two days cleaning up the floor (smell and stains), and made $40. This was the moment where I realized this is my fault and I messed up with too low of pricing. No one's fault but mine.

2. How will future videos be priced?

-Basic videos are $2/min, basic fetish videos are $3/min, and scat smearing videos are $4/min. These are not unreasonable prices.

3. What if I can't afford the changes?

-The new pricing allows me to have better wiggle room on sales. Wait for a sale and snag a few then! :)

4. What if I'm a repeat customer?

-Message me; I know who you are :)

5. Isn't the price jump kind of extreme/a bitch move?

-It absolutely is and I'm worth it. I love making videos and I'm creating mostly taboo content. Also, I'm very easy to reach so this a full experience. You have my email, my Kik, and my social media accounts to reach me, so I'm not just a random chick on an xxx/NSFW site.

6. Will making more money mean more variety of content?

-Absolutely. I can get new toys, props, and other kinds of food to contribute to my videos.

7. Are the changes permanent?

-Yes. The only time prices will change is during a sale.

If you have any other questions or concerns, send me an email. At the end of the day, this is my content and my business, and not everyone is going to agree with the changes I choose to make. Thank you to everyone else who understands and agrees with the changes.

And if you've made it this far, just letting you in on a little secret. I'll be running a 50% off sale on videos between 2/7 (my birthday) to 2/14 (Valentine's Day).

Again, thank you all!

xoxo, CB


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