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Getting on Your Own Feet

Naturally, going solo has its ups and downs. I don’t have a larger site to use as a crutch, but with that comes the reality that getting on my own feet with require dealing with lulls. Sales will drop, people will quit caring, I’m not convenient anymore, and people won’t like the idea that it’s just me. 

One of the biggest perks is that my time isn’t pulled 6 different ways and time wasters are almost non-existent. I can put all my attention into those that matter and I love that! Also, I love making sales; 10% off here and 25% off there. Being in control is one of my favorite things...if you can’t tell. 

Overall, to keep my thoughts short, the struggle of all of this is worth is because it’s my feet I get to struggle on. No one can pull me down because it’s all my responsibility. I have to advertise and create my own traffic. It’s helped me love making videos again and put a new passion behind why I’ve stuck around for a year. This is fun and I love it; struggle and all. 

Here’s my feet for the sake of a visual. 😜


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