This item is a full load of poo in a conatiner that's sent to you. 


A load WITHOUT a proof video is $60.

A load WITH a proof video is $75.


A proof video includes me going into the container and telling you what I've eaten. This isn't a custom video. 


There is an option to have them overnighted. Majority of locations can guarantee next day shipping by 6pm local time. More rural locations guarantee 48 hours overnighted. Heads up on that.



I work off a schedule so there may be a wait. Contact me first before ordering so there's no surprises. I will not refund orders that are placed without contacting me first and you don't want to wait. 


I can't guarantee that it won't get a little squished during shipment but it will remain mostly intact for you.

If you've bought multiple quantities, I recommend that you refridgerate these after several days or freeze them if you won't be using them within the week.

"Organic Fudge" Loads