Get an answer to all your questions here:


Who am I?

I'm Seebie, your fetish friendly content creator and seller doing what I love. 

How can I spoil you?

Great question! Here's my WISHLIST. I also accept gift cards for Amazon, Taco Bell, Dominos, and items sent to my PO Box. Email me for my address.

What do I sell?

Click around and see. Everything is pretty self-explanatory.

How do packages arrive?

I ship using USPS. For alternative methods such as FedEx or UPS, I charge additional for shipping costs. A tracking number is always supplied to you, as well. As for the packages themselves:

I vacuum seal all items within your purchase. Each item is individually sealed unless it's something within a batch, such as cookies or used condoms. The entire order is then placed inside a white privacy bag. This is to ensure that the package stays discreet even if the envelope is slightly torn. Then the envelope is either a yellow one (as shown) or larger orders will be placed in a USPS envelope.

What do you put as a return address?

"ONLINE CREATIVE". It's pretty vague.

What shows up on my bank statement?

It's set to show TCBOS. If you don't want to use Stripe, I also accept Cashapp, Gpay, and Venmo.

How long will it take to receive my items? 

Sometimes my schedule for items fills up faster than I can update my website so always send me a message before purchasing. I will NOT refund an item if you purchase without contacting me first and you don't want to wait. Shipping can take 2-4 days, sometimes longer depending on the time of year. I don't take responsibility for shipping delays once it's in USPS possession.


What do I do if there's something I want that I don't see on your website?

Message me. I'll try to let you know as quickly as possible if I can accommodate your request.


Are you able to record custom videos?

Absolutely. Just be aware that I show nose down in all my content. Also, make sure you have the details you'd like for the video sorted, such as: how many minutes, type of content, special requests, a name being spoken, and any other supporting details. Heavily scripted and detailed videos will cost more.


How quickly can you record content?   

This one is entirely up to the content. If it's a video you're accompanying with an order, it'll be recorded during your order time. If it's an individual video purchase that's solo or B/G content, I can try my best to have it recorded the same day or following day. Fetish content can vary on my schedule. Cock rates can be done the same day. 

I want to order an item for consumption; is it "clean"?

I don't smoke the devil's lettuce or do any kinds of drugs. I don't even take any prescriptions. Anything you consume is at your own risk. 

What if I don't want to wait weeks for an item?

Don't order. I don't allow people to cut the line. So the two options you have are: 

1. Purchase the item and wait your turn.

2. Don't purchase and wait to see if my schedule opens up.

How much can I pay you to see your face?

You can't. 

Why don't you show your full face?

I don't want to.